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Rawalpindi bill online Wasa

We are pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded our Payment
Portal, and added fully a few new aspect. To go to the new
WASA Customer Portal, click on the button below! Also, there is
no need to re-register, as you can simply login to the new
Portal with your current payment portal approve..
The method to Check
WASA bill online
Use your bill number from the provided bill copy to search.
To pay online, after search only issued (valid) bill are available
for payment with ‘Pay Online’ button.
Use Pay Now button in the list after search result (if not paid).
To find bill numbers and details, click this link – WASA Account
Full form of Wasa
Sewerage Authority and water supply or WASA is the main
body administering Water supply, Drainage and Sanitation
system in Bangladesh.
Account number on
WASA bill
You will need eight (08) digits of your WASA Account Number
to check your current WASA Bill Duplicate Lahore Online bill.
This number can be found on the old bill. This Account Number
is crucial for your avail.
Wasa toll free number
Head Office, Farm Road, St. Joseph 800-4H2O (800-4420/6)
800-LEAK (800-5325)
Caroline Building, Scarborough, Tobago 639-WASA (639-
9272) 639-2735
All fields Trace, Lowlands. 639-6850 639-6853
Walk-in service at our twelve (12) Customer Service Centres
WASA email address
customer service@wasa.gov. tt
Email: customer service@wasa.gov.tt(note that all documents
submitted via e-mail must be in PDF Format).
Drop Boxes located at Head Office, Chaguanas and San Fernando
Customer Service Centres.
Pay my WASA bill with bKash
Water bill (WASA) can be paid in a few easy steps by using bKash app or
dialling USSD code *247#. Customers need to ferry the applicable
charge for bill payment. They can even know the amount of the bill in
the same way, but without any cost.
Wasa a government company
Description: Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is an organiation
of the Tobago State and Trinidad controlled by the Public Services
Ministry, and incorporated in 1965 to provide water and sewarage,
regulate and grant licenses for services provision within the natoinal
Pay WASA bill through
An easy & simple process
Just conduct your utility bill and the due cash amount to pay the utllity
bill at any Jazz customer care center, franchise or Jazz Cash retailer. Ask
the respective Jazz Cash agent to pay your utility bill using the Jazz Cash
utility bill payment service.
WASA – Payments can be made online with a MasterCard or VISA
through WASA’s online bill payment platform. Customers can also use
the WASA Services App or Online Commercial Banking platforms to
make their payments. T&TEC – The Quick Pay platform is available to

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