Telenor self-service booth

Telenor self service booth

Telenor self-service booth


in line with its commitment to use enablers like technology and facilitate its user base, Telenor Pakistan has announced launching self-service booths for access to Telenor products and services in a hassle-less way.

Telenor is a Norway-based telecom company that entered the Pakistani market in 2004. Ever since then, the company has proven to be at the forefront of innovating its services with cutting-edge technologies

The booths offer Telenor services like getting a new Sim, replacing Sim, and purchasing Easyload and Easy cards at their own convenience 24hrs a day. The self-service booths also offer support for Easypaisa and the users will be able to conduct bank-related transactions and transfer funds easily. First time in Pakistan, the customers will be empowered to open bank accounts, send and receive money through biometric verification and pay bills, etc. just by visiting a self-service booth, whenever they want, and that too, through a secure and reliable source.

The introduction of this round the clock Self Service Booth, bringing access, ease and convenience, is set to redefine the concept of customer services. As part of its telenor hearsyou outreach campaign, Telenor Pakistanis actively listening to its customer feedback and concerns, and is taking a proactive approach to ensure delightful experiences for them.Extending its expert support to the Government of Punjab in the latter’s ‘Empowerment of Kissan through Digital & Financial Inclusion’ initiative, Telenor Pakistan and Department of Agriculture – Punjab have launched the Connected Agriculture Program for Punjab (CAPP). The program aims to resolve the longstanding challenges faced by the Pakistani farmers through a suite of digital solutions that improve their access to information, financial resources, and market besides enhancing supply chain efficiency. Telenor Microfinance Bank  is the first microfinance bank in Pakistan. In 2009 the bank launched Pakistan first mobile banking platform Easypaisa, which now has the largest nationwide footprint. Telenor Microfinance Bank pvt limted was awarded the Best Microfinance Bank  awards at the Pakistan Banking Awards in 2016 and 2017.Commenting on the development, Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan said,The decision to onboard Nokia is in line with Telenor Pakistan’s ongoing strategy for network expansion transformation and virtualization. Our ambition is to set up data ready operations by bringing capabilities of automation intelligent field operation  smart planning and customer insights with new and advanced tools which we shall leverage through our new global partner.


Telenor self-service booth

Telenor self-service booth

Telenor Pakistan is a provider of high quality telecommunication services in Pakistan. It has over 42 lakh subscribers and 2000 employees and a nationwide network,

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