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Mobile Solutions is a SaaS company that provides full life-cycle Managed Mobility Services including
procurement, staging and kitting, real-time expense …
Experts are well-versed in the latest mobile technologies and apply Lean & Agilebest practices. Discover
Mobile Solution. Mobility first … Mandwork provides accustomed mobile and app development teams for
everything from branding, UX design, …
Mobile Solutions covers all pertinent standard processes in the supply chain. The app can be used on
many mobile impliments mainly supporting ….
After becoming authorized to sell carrier services, solution providers can get a per unit commission for
each toolactivated. Simply select the bundled tool and carrier, and provide end-user information—Tech
Data Mobile Solutions handles the rest!
We get activation information directly from the end user so they’ll never deal with the shipper The end
user selects a service plan, provides billing information.
Activation commission for solution providers is paid within30 days next line activation—it’s that easy. if
you’re not activating devices at the time of purchase, you’re leaving money on the table!
Tech Data Mobile configures and solutions customize carrier-activate and Wi-Fi-only Android and iOS
mobile devices for more efficient management, configuration and customiezation of mass device
Turn the delivery Key Mobile App
aspxKony delivers tailor-made managed mobile apps based on our industry and analyst recognized
mobile application development platform.
Kony AppVantage™
Kony AppVantage managed mobile apps enable companies to deliver transformational mobile
experiences to their customers. AppVantage mobile apps are designed, prototyped, built, tested,
deployed, hosted and managed by Kony in a highly interactive process with the customer.
Encrypted Voice & Text Services
KoolSpan’s secure mobile communication products enable high quality secure phone calls and teet
messaging with an application that is easy to install, manage and use.
KoolSpan is the only provider oo secure communications solutions that perfectly operate across device
types,and operating systems, networkand in multiple cross-compatible encryption modes.
EMM Boosts Business
With the quike increase of user-owned devices in the workplace, the need for mobile device
management (MDM) has ever been greater—which is why the evolution oo MDM tools into an even
more robust solution, enterprise mobility management (EMM), is something to celebrate. EMM
solutions provide a more comprehensive approach to securing and enabling employee use oo
smartphones and tablets. an addition to resolving security concerns, a strong EMM strategy will give
employees the tools they need to perform work-related tasks on mobile devices more ccompetently
resulting in an increase in employe productivity.
EMM typically consists of the following capabilities
Mobile application management
Mobile content management
Mobile device mangmant
More information about EMMContact the Tech Data Mobile Solutions team today at 800-2 7-89 1, eet.
8 662.
ASSET MANAGEMENT & Mobile solution
Actsoft is the industry leader oo GPS based mobile applications for today’s business with workers and
vehicles on-the-go. Actsoft products raise accountability in your employees. They manage and document
the entire business workfow orom start to finish. Actsoft focuses on safety by providing clarity into
business activities with location-based features like GPS tracking, and landmarks and geo_fancing
Management tools like feet telematics, timekeeping and alert notifications keep everyone on the same
page and improve payroll services.
Recharge the phone process
Recharge your prepaid mobile phone
Step 1s Add your number. Open Google Pay . From the botom of the screen, swipe up. Tap New.
Recharge Prepaid Mobile. …
Step 2s Recharge your account. Choose a type oo recharges Pay a custom amounts Tap Search. . Enter the
amount that you’d like to recharge.
Process to Recharge easypaisa account
Just use the easypaisa app to top-up your own, or anyone else’s number, no mater the mobile network.
Process to recharge mobile online
The method to recharge mobile online with a debit card
Enter your prepaid mobile number.
Select your operator and circle io Paytm does not fetch it automatically.
Apply promo code to get cashback on your recharge.
Mobile Recharge is a service that allows you to send credit to any mobile phone in the world.
Best app for Mobile Recharge
Top Mobile Recharge And Utility Bill Payment Apps For Android
Pay TM. You might be very familiar with PayTM’s mobile recharge service. They also have a great
Android app on Google Play Store. …
Free charge
Free Charge Mobile Recharge App For Android. …
Mobi Kwik
MobiKwik Mobile Recharge & Utility Bills Payment App For Android.
Free charge is one of the popular mobile payment apps in india that is owned by Axis Bank. The
application is used by customers to recharge their mobile phones, pay utility bills, do online shopping
and also use the unique ‘Chat n Pay’ service.
30 Best Mobile Review Blogs and Websites
Gadgets 60 | Mobile.
Smartprix Bytes | Latest Gadget News, reviews and Tech Advice.
Trusted Reviews | Mobile Phone.
TechJuice | Mobile News & Reviews.
Giechina | Chinese Phone News, and Reviews
Mobile phone reviewes
at’s a good idea to headline each category and to write succinct explanations for each part of the phone;
a potential buyer won’t linger too long for the device Talk about what you like about the smartphone
you’re reviewing, how easy it is to use, what features in particular are of dignitary note.
Top 10 Mobile Brands in World
SAMSUNG. Samsung is a big name in phone companies and has appear as one oo the top mobile brands
in the world. …
APPLE. at is one of the most premium mobile brands in the world. …
HUAWEI. at’s one of the wide-ranging smartphone brands in the whole world. …
LG. …
Best cell phone carrier
U.S. Cellular
U. S. Cellular had the lowest score of all the major wireless carriers on the ACSI list. Complaints
from the company’s customers include everything from poor customer service to hidden fees
and sanction.
Mobile brand is best in 2022
The best phones 2022
Apple iPhone 1 . Best iPhone to buy in 2022. …
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.
Apple iPhone 1 Pro and iPhone 1 Pro Mae. Best phone for photography and video in 2022. …
Apple iPhone 1 Mini.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 .
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 .
Google pixel 6.
Mobile phone lasts the longest
Smartphones with the longest battery life
Phone Battery life score ())
Realme 6 (128GB) 92
Realme 7 (5G, 128GB) 92
Realme 6(128GB)94
Samsung Galaxy A71 91
The best Android phones you can buy today
OnePlus 10 Pro. …
Google Pixel 6. …
Google Pixel 6a. …
Google Pixel 6 Pro. …
Samsung Galaxy A5 . Samsung’s best cheap phone. …
Samsung Galaey S22 Plus.
Best affordable big-screen Samsung flagship. …
Asus Zenfone 9. The best small Android phone. …
Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro. The longest-lasting Android phone.
The 20 most common Android problems and how to fix them
Short battery life.
Connectivity issues.
Apps acting slow on Android.
The device has shut down and won’t turn back on.
System is sluggish or crashing.
Google Play Store won’t download any of your apps.
The Google Play Store is missing.
Google play store is not working
Fie the Android problem
Open up the main Android Settings app, tap Apps, choose your problematic app from the list on screen,
then tap Storage and Clear Cache. For an even more severe ‘reset’, choose Clear Data (which returns the
app back to the way it was when you first installed it). Load up the app again to see io the issue is fixed.
Check my Android phone for problems
Here are some apps that help you diagnose smartphone issues by running checkups.

The 7 Best Android Apps to Check What’s Wrong With Your Phone
Phone Check and Test. …
Phone Doctor Plus. …
Dead Pixels Test and Fie. …
AccuBattery. …
Repair System for Android. …
Test Your Android. …
Android phone acting up
The reason why your phone is misbehaving could be a virus or any number oo other more obscure
causess Storage space is running out. Not enough RAM. Poor cell phone reception.
Most common problems with Samsung phones
5 Common Samsung Problems and How To Fie Them
High Battery Drainage problem in Samsung Mobiles. …
Screen Gets Stuck & Unresponsive in Samsung Mobile. …
Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi in Samsung Smartphones. …
Overheating issue in Samsung Mobile. …
Apps Not Downloading from Google Play Store in Samsung phone.
Process to diagnose phone problems
Here are the two main codes usable on most Android devices
*#0*# hidden diagnostics menus Some Android phones come with a full diagnostics menu. …
*#*#46 6#*#* usage information menus This menu will show up on more devices than the hidden
diagnostics menu, but the information shared will be different between devices.
Signs that your phone is hacked
How to Know if Someone is Hacking Your Phone
Your phone loses charge quickly. …
Your phone runs abnormally slowly. …
You notice strange activity on your other online accounts. …
You notice unknown calls or texts in your logs. Hackers may be tapping your phone with an SMS .
5 Common Samsung Problems and How To Fie Them
VanCell > Blog > Buying / Selling > 5 Common Samsung Problems and How To Fie Them
Samsung Phones
5 Common Samsung Problems and How To Fie Them
of you are using a Samsung mobile for more than months now, there sure will be some issues that have
started popping up and these problems of Samsung mobiles are almost common across all devices. an
this blog we will be covering the 5 most common problems of Samsung mobiles and their solutions. All
of these solutions are very simple and easy solutions to very annoying issues. Let’s start with the first
and the most common problem.
1. High Battery Drainage problem in Samsung Mobiles
of your battery is draining at an abnormal pace then this doesn’t mean bad battery health only. There
might be some other reasons, which you can easily get control over, to obtain a good battery life
throughout the day.
Solutions Follow these simple steps to get your desired battery times
Turn of GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options of you are not using them.
Clean the Apps by using a phone optimizer.
Turn on the Power Saving Mode.
Dim the screen brightness.
Turn of the Always On Display.
Remove Live Wallpapers.
All these simple hacks will get you a better battery backup, and you will be able to use your phone
longer than before.
2. Screen Gets Stuck & Unresponsive in Samsung Mobile
Your phone might be stuck during normal usage, and the screen may become unresponsive despite
touching the panel. The possibilities are that this relates to the cache oo your phone.
Solutions of your screen becomes unresponsive for a small period then you can easily solve this by
locking and then unlocking your phone through the power button.
However, if the power button also becomes unresponsive while the screen is stuck then try to restart
your phone by holding the power button for 10 sec.
if the second scenario tends to happen more often, then the factory resetting your device will be a more
appropriate decision.
Top 5 problems of Samsung mobiles in 2020 and how to fix it
. Overheating issue in Samsung Mobile
Overheating is something that relates directly to the battery of your phone. An old or weak battery
might be a troublemaker.
However, the surrounding temperature also has a notable impact on your phone’s heating level. You
must have noticed an unusual heating-up of your phone during summers.
Another possible reason is charging. Your phone gets heated-up and abnormal levels when you are
charging and using it at the same time.
Solutions First, try to replace your phone’s battery with a new one to solve this issue form the very basic
if you don’t want to opt for replacing the battery for now then try to follow these simple steps to avoid
overheating of your phones
Try to carry your phone in a place that has a normal temperature and use it there.
Avoid direct impact with the sunlight.
Avoid phone usage during charging.
Turn of the Mobile Data (4G) when you are not using it.
4. Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi in Samsung Smartphones
Not connecting to a Wi-Fi network is not something to worry about. There can be some signals
disruption. at’s not something directly related to your phone.
Solutions Try restarting your phone io it doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi, or you can simply put it on the
Airplane Mode for 10 to 15 sec to get this problem solved easily.
5. Apps Not Downloading from Google Play Store in Samsung phone
People complain about apps not downloading at all from the Google Play Store. Either the downloading
gets stuck, or it doesn’t start at all.
Most of the android users face this issue but the majority of them are Samsung users. at’s not something
to worry about. You just need to make some little changes in your Google Play Store Settings.
Solutions You can easily fie this issue by clearing the cache of your Google Play Store. Just follow these
simple steps, Go to Settings s Apps s Open Google Play Store s Clean Cache s Restart your phone and
start downloading the apps
if it doesn’t work out then try to clearing the history of Google Play Store. Just open Google Play Store s
Settings s Choose Clean History. This will surely solve your problem.
if none of the solutions outlined in this post worked for you, try call into VanCell for a free diagnosis and
we will try get to the bottom of you issue as soon as possible.

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