Telenor Internet pakages

All pakages on Telenor sim in PKR 2022

All pakages on Telenor sim in PKR

The pakages of Telenor sim are very low it is the
best sim for internet pakages.
All daily bundels on Telenor sim
Daily Telenor internet pakages
+ 10 GB (12 AM – 8 AM) ; Daily Ofpeak Ofer. Rs. 15 incl. tax Internet: 1500 MB (6AM – 6PM) ; Daily
Social …
The code of Telenor internet package
For subscriptonn dial *150#. The Daily Social Pack provides 70 MBs of data for social platorms for one
day at PKR 2.50. For subscriptonn dial the code given in the table. The Full Day Ofer by Telenor provides
5 MB data for all usagen 100 MBs for WhatsAppn and unlimited on-net calls tll midnig
Daily call pakage on Telenor sim
Dial *345*7# to subscribe to this ofer and the validity is 24 hours. The
Telenor Full Day Ofer provides unlimited on-net calls along with 50
MBs internet for all internet usage and 100 MBs for WhatsApp at PKR
13 for one day. For subscriptonn dial *5*250#.
Daily Call Packages on Telenor SIM
Telenor Daily Ofer Rs.10Dial *345*006#
Telenor Full Day ofer Rs. 18 Dial *5*250#
Telenor Mini Budget Package Rs. 15 Dial *240#
Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget Package Rs. 18 Dial *050#
Daily SMS pakage on Telenor sim
Rs. 4.78 incl. tax
Sending text messages has never been more convenient.
Actvate the Daily SMS Bundle and stay connected with
people around you.
Validity 1 Day
SMS 240
Dial *345*116#
Sending text messages has never been more convenient.
Actvate the Daily SMS Bundle and stay connected with
people around you.
Ofer Eligibility
All Telenor subscribers are eligible for this ofer.
The subscripton is valid for 1 day.
Terms and Conditons
Dail *111# (Charges Rs. 0.24 ) to check Free SMS Balance
after subscripton
Free SMS can be used for ANY network in the country
This is a limited tme ofer.
All weekly bundles on Telenor
Telenor Weekly internet bundle
Dial *001# to subscribe to this ofer. The 4G Weekly
Internet Max provides 30 GBs of data which can be used
between 12 AM to 9 AM for 7 Days at PKR 50. You can
dial *19# to subscribed to this ofer. The Weekly 6 to 6
ofer provides 4 GBs of data which can be used between
6 AM to 6 PM for 7 Days means 1 week
Telenor Weekly call pakage
Dial *5*7# to subscribe to this ofer. The
Weekly Easy Card ofers 1000 on-net minutesn
50 of-net minutesn 1000 SMSn and 1.5 GBs of
internet at PKR 135 for 7 days. For subscriptonn
dial *963#. The Mega Weekly Easy Card ofers
2000 Telenor+PTCL minutesn 70 of-net
minutesn 10GBs of data (incl.
Telenor Weekly sms pakage
Rs. 17 tax
Sending text messages has never been more
convenient. Actvate the Weekly SMS Bundle
and stay connected with friends and loved
ones. Ofer can only be actvated through the
website and My Telenor App.
SMS 2000
Validity 7 Days
Dial *345*117#
All monthly bundle on
Telenor Monthly internet
Some packages are designed to cover
SMS nInternet Data and call collectvely.
Mahana Rakhwala package contains Calln
SMSn and Internet Data for a full month
only in 418 rupees in a per month. 3000
Minutesn 3000 SMSn and 300 MBs are
given in Mahana Rakhwala Package.
There are some heavy packages with the
name of Telenor 4G Monthly Package
and Monthly Plus Package. These
packages contain 9 GB and 10 GB of data
respectvely. The price of these packages
is 500 and 750 rupees.
Free MBs: 10 GB
Free on net minutes:3000(500 per day)
Free of net minutes …
Free sms …
Validity 30 days
Charges RS 0
Telenor Monthly call pakage
1:Dial *530# Monthly Easy Card 850. Rs.
720 incl tax. 5000 Telenor & PTCL
minutes Ofnet 300 other network
minutes SMS 5000 9GB+9GB(1am-11am)
Telenor Monthly sms pakage
Actvate the Monthly SMS Bundle and
stay connected with best friends and
relatves who loves the most
Validity 30 Days.
SMS 10n000 + 1GB WhatsApp.
Dial *345*363#
Sim lgao ofer
If the Customers haven’t used their
Telenor SIM since 24th June 2022 can
get FREE Internet & Calls bundle Dial
*2222# to get package.
Internet 10 GB (from 12 am to 7 pm)
Onnet 3000
Validity: 60 Days
5 day sms bundle
Rs: 9.5
Validity 5 days
SMS 300
30 GB data on Telenor
Dial *345*2004# to actvate this bundle.
The method to check remaining
Remaining MBs can be checked through
Remaining Minutes can be checked
through *222#
Remaining SMS can be checked
Remaining Balance can be checked
through *444#
Remaining Ofer Resources can be
checked through *123#
Social all in one
RS: 130
Internet:8 GB
Onnet 250 mints
Free GBs on Telenor
Dial *888#n to enjoy free
internet for a week. Dial
*345*75#n to service of the free
Telenor unlimited ofer and
then you can also try this code
*345*88#. Dial *5*700#n to
enjoy the free 500mbs internet
with the validity of ten days.
Helpline on Telenor sim
Phone no : +92 (42) 111 345
The method to Check
balance onTelenor SIM
Check the balance of your
Telenor Mobile connecton with
the following USSD code *444#.
Simply dial *444# from your
mobile phonen and you will see
the balance on the screen of
your mobile phone.
Monthly WhatsApp
Internet 1500 MB.
Validity 30 Days.
Dial *247#
50 GB Internet bundel
50GBs for tension-free
browsingn streamingn videochatting and MORE se Zyada
Internet 50 GB (incl. 25 GB
Dial *303#
30 Days
Telenor monthly all in
one package
A super package fulflling all
your month-long socializing
needs at an exclusive price!
Avail now by dialing *572# and
loading Rs. 150 in your account.
Free Snapchat get with Telenor
sim in just a Snap!
Internet 2000 MB Snapchat.
Validity 30 Days.
Dial *915#
Telenor 20 GB Internet
by dialing *225# Dear
Customern From 29th Julyn avail
20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM-11AM)
for the whole week in just

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